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We invite you to stop for a moment to consider where you are now and where you are going. Life is so full of distractions, it's hard to press the pause button on your 'To Do List' and give yourself a moment to consider what your life has become. 

Discover our selection of wellness events and services designed to give you that moment. We will give you the space to let it all go and some quality time to pause and truly be present so you can recenter and reconnect with who you are and what makes you happy. Our selection of Rebalancing Retreats will give you the time to you assess and recalibrate your life with your true values. So you can recognise your bliss.  

Luxury Rebalance Retreats at Elements Of Byron

These luxury Rebalance Retreats are designed for groups or individuals to come and indulge in a variety of wellbeing modalities that balance and align your mind, body and soul. You will reconnect with your truth and rediscover your happy self.

Back to Nature Retreat at Starry Nights House

This no tech retreat is designed for a small group or people to get away from it all. These 2 night 3 days retreats will give you the opportunity to turn off the mobile phone, forget your passwords and really get back to nature. 

Corporate Wellness Retreat Packages 

We can help your company or group create and organise a unique corporate health and wellbeing conference in or around the northern rivers. We will work with you to design a wonderful event that suits your company’s needs and goals.

Boutique Weekends Away

Let us organise a boutique weekend away for you and a small group of friends in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland. We will work with you to create a memorable weekend filled with a balance of wellness activities, fun new experiences and luxurious pampering. Balanced with plenty of locally sourced indulgent treats, of course.  

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