One Day Stress Relief Retreats

Are you stressed, exhausted or totally burnt out ?

Are you feeling anxious and unsettled ?

Are you having problems sleeping ?

Now is the time to take your mental health seriously.

If you are stressed and anxious chances are you are not getting enough rest and your emotional and physical health will begin to suffer.

Join us on this unique journey of relaxation and restoration and experience a blend of restorative health and wellness modalities designed to help you find new ways to manage stress and restore balance. 

Our unique combination of educational & experiential workshops are specifically designed to alleviate tension and neutralise stress levels. 

What Your Day Involves

  • Up to 6 inspiring and educational group workshops, classes or seminars.
  • Delicious lunch banquet
  • Personal guidance from accredited teachers & practitioners.
  • Time to unwind, reflect and reinvigorate, in a shared supportive environment.


        Book for one $495.00pp 

        Book for two and save $450pp

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