One Day Stress Management Retreats - Sydney

Stress is the number one killer of productivity and staff burn out.  When you and your team are stretched to the limit, your business is at risk because jobs are not being done properly and mistakes are being made. 

It has been proven that work stress can cause severe emotional and even physical illness.

Work exhaustion can result in your staff feeling stressed, anxious, demotivated and depressed. Sick days cost corporations millions of dollars each year, and loosing valuable staff members costs even more. 

The Australian economy lots 17 billion in lost productivity due to lack of sleep. 

As successful businesses are becoming more conscious of wellbeing in the workplace. There are a plethora of online wellbeing apps and services that are suppose to increase productivity over time.

What we offer is more intensive, so you will notice the effects immediately.   

One Day Stress Managment Retreats 

Send your valued staff members on this One Day Stress Relief Retreat to help them relax, restore and rebalance again. These totally unique and restorative stress relieving days give your exhausted workers an opportunity to take a break from the office and experience a full day of stress relieving practices, that will help them feel renewed once more.

Your staff will return to work feeling more appreciated, more productive, happier and healthier. 

Away From The Office 

We feel it is important to take your team out of the office environment and away from the distractions of screen time for a whole day.  We help you and your staff understand the importance of committing to self care. Leave all your work obligations behind for one whole day of dedicated stress recovery. 

5 Star Venues 

We host these exclusive events in beautiful 5 star venues around the city, so your staff feel completely nurtured and immersed in luxury. More dates and locations coming soon. 

Elegant Lunch

Our partner hotels provide all attendees with a delicious healthy lunch, served in beautiful dining salons.

What Is Included ?

Each One Day Stress Management Retreat includes up to 5 educational or experiential workshops designed to alleviate stress and restore emotional balance.


    Our workshops and classes are taught by a professional team of experienced corporate facilitators, who are experts in a diverse range of stress management modalities. 

    Who can come

    Send individual staff members, or bring your whole team. Group discounts apply when you book 10 tickets or more. 

    Group Bookings 

    If you are planning to bring your whole team ( over 30 people ) We will organise a Private Stress Management Retreat for your group.



    We accept all major credit cards or bank transfers. 50% non refundable deposit to secure place. The rest one month from start date. 

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